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Animal transit goods

use Animal Crossing: New Horizons Scheduled to launch March 20, we ca n’t wait to return to the natural scenery on Tom Nook Island, to keep ourselves busy picking fruits again, talking with lovely locals, and generally intoxicated. If there is a Switch game, we understood We will start the game from the second announced, which is "Animal Crossing: New Horizons".

If you are still an attractor to the gentle simulation of town life in this series, then there are a variety of cute animal crossing brand accessories and products to choose from, which can help you improve the mood of the game. From handbags to boxes, from game racks to luxury dolls, of course we will collect the best things found the Internet below and the game itself.

So if you are going to bring Animal Crossing, why not just take your copy of Animal Crossing and pick up a bag [or another cute accessory]? Not much to wait!

Please remember: If you use the code "NLIFE" at the checkout of Play-Asia, your order will be reduced by 5%!

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Irresistible, isn't it? In our opinion, there is no increase in Tom Nook [Tom Nook] plush from the office looking down at our lives. they said He was misunderstood, But we can be sure that he has a secret lair in a volcano somewhere.

Let us know which items you find above are difficult to resist, and any other AC equipment you found the go.

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