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Monster Hunter World

A game many people will true Hope to play on Switch World. has explained how the game was built on PlayStation 4 and One, but this has not prevented this problem from appearing at least once a year on average.

Recently, at the 41st Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of Japanese companies, Capcom’s management was asked if there were any plans to transplant the latest title to the Switch. The response to this is completely “no”.

Fortunately, this does not necessarily mean that we will not see other entries on the Switch. In a follow-up question, I asked Capcom if he would consider developing a Monster Hunter game that is popular among high school ages. The answer to this question is “yes”-although no details are shared.

As emphasized by Siliconera, “Monster Hunter World” is not as as in the young Japanese video game market. Monster Hunter 4 with Monster Hunter Generation, Most likely because it is limited to residential.

“Logic indicates that they are talking about on portable devices such as Switch”

Are you eager to see Monster Hunter game on Switch? Please tell us below.


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