After making a decision on printer capabilities, Canon America found itself at the center of a legal dispute. A customer from New York has filed a class-action lawsuit against the company on the grounds that certain Canon printers cannot perform multiple functions unless there is enough ink in the ink cartridges. The customer named David Leacraft has taken legal steps to oppose the electronics giant’s decision, which does not allow certain printer owners to use scanners or fax functions when ink runs out. In the lawsuit, Leacraft accused Canon of engaging in deceptive marketing and unjust enrichment.

In particular, Leacraft encountered this problem when using the brand’s Pixma MG2522 printer. When using a device advertised as an “all-in-one”, Leacraft pointed out that when the ink cartridge is empty or nearly empty, the device cannot be used as a scanner or fax machine.

According to Leacraft’s complaint, this is unacceptable because the amount of ink in the machine will not affect the machine’s ability to scan or fax documents.

According to a report by Bleeping Computer, the lawsuit involves more than 100 class members and seeks compensation of US$5 million (approximately Rs 3.76 billion). The report also stated that Canon told customers that even if you want to print in grayscale, the printer should contain all colors of ink.

Disclosing more details, the draft complaint against Canon US states: “In contrast to the’single-function’ printers it sells, Canon calls these multi-function devices a’three-in-one’ or a’four-in-one’ because, in fact, it is alleged that, They provide three to four functions.”

The complaint claims that Canon’s advertising statement is false, “In fact, when the device’s ink cartridges are insufficient or empty, the all-in-one machine will not scan or fax documents (“design issues”). Canon’s advertising statement is false and misleading. And may deceive the public.”

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It was this misleading advertisement that led Leacraft to purchase the device. “If the plaintiff Leacraft knew that he had to keep ink in the device to scan the document, he would not purchase the device and would not pay that much for it,” the complaint stated.

The lawsuit alleges that Canon did so only to increase profits by selling replacement ink cartridges. This is the basis for the complainant’s allegations of “unjust enrichment”.

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