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“Pioneer” is not necessarily a literal meaning. We have been talking about symbolic pioneers, people or products that do things differently or break the glass ceiling. although Chevrolet Trailblazers in 2021 It may be the brand’s new product, which is competing in an established market segment, marketing campaigns around our “Activ” decorative level tester, and the history behind the Trailblazer name indicate that Chevrolet’s literal meaning is literally defined . Then let’s test it.

The original Trailblazer (and the Trailblazer finish level of the compact S-10 Blazer before it) was a truck-based body SUV with Proper four-wheel drive And six- or eight-cylinder engines. The new model is a car-based integrated crossover with two different turbocharged three-cylinder engines and a manually selectable all-wheel drive system.

Our focus on off-road Activ interior level tester has less suspension lift, some body chassis shields, and front bumpers to provide better clearance and “sporty terrain” tires. Never heard of “sports terrain” tires? This is a tire that is suitable for all seasons and its sidewalls look quite aggressive. In deep mud, sand or snow, it may or may not improve traction slightly. Technically, these tires are Hankook Dynapro AT2 all-terrain tires, but with a new configuration, and the tread is less erosive, which may be optimized for road noise and comfort.

In case you think that the new trailblazer lacks off-road credibility, please consider the following factors: the ground clearance of the old trailblazer is 7.8 inches The new trailblazer has a gap of 7.0 to 8.0 inches. In particular, the ground clearance of the Activ trim will increase slightly, but the premise is that you must choose all-wheel drive. Doing this allows you to get an extra half inch of sunlight under the vehicle (7.0 inches for the base model, 7.5 inches for most other trims, and 8.0 for Activ AWD).

More importantly, the wheelbase of the new Trailblazer is 9.1 inches shorter, so although Chevrolet has not yet released approach angles, breakthrough points or deviation angles, simple mathematical operations can tell you that the new trailblazer has a better breakthrough angle. Comparing old and new models side by side, this also indicates that the new model also has a smaller rear tilt angle, thanks to the shorter rear suspension, but the old truck may have a better approach angle (lower nose is conducive to aerodynamics, which saves Fuel, Chevy didn’t care much when it released its last Trailblazer in 2001.

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Chevrolet also changed the damper adjustment of the Activ model to suit its off-road direction. It could have made the vehicle perform better on muddy and gravel roads, but we have no other comparable level. In most cases, we just think that it the car more rigid than it needs to be on the street.

However, it is time to answer this big question: can this thing burn? The short answer won’t surprise you: it’s not.

In order to out the test, we start with the dirt road that is occasionally maintained. No matter what they do on the street, shock absorbers can work on rough surfaces. The Blazers are driving very well on uneven bumpy roads, although you hear a lot of noise on the road or off-road. The “sports terrain” tire grip is good enough to prevent the car from sliding on the dirt during normal driving.

Now, the challenge. There are two ways to ensure off-road: steep hills and big bumps to get the wheels off the ground. We started with a good steep slope, and as you would expect, the front wheels spin on the dirt and scrape for traction without actually moving. Damn! All-wheel drive is not turned on. Unlike almost other car company on the planet, Chevrolet’s parent company, General Motors, forces you to manually turn on all-wheel drive in a crossover instead of turning it on automatically when the wheels slip. Instead, you will receive a message prompting you to turn on all-wheel drive when digging holes in the front wheels. why? Because EPA tests the vehicle in the default mode, front-wheel drive is more fuel-efficient than all-wheel drive.

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OK, four-wheel drive is on. Let’s try again. As power finally flows to the rear wheels, the situation is completely different. Chevrolet has not released the maximum torque distribution before and after, but it is almost not more than 50/50. Whatever it is, it is enough. Even on steep slopes, whether uphill or downhill, Trailblazer can dig inwards with little scratching of dust. Now we are somewhere.

We found that Trailblazer can handle loose surfaces, but this is only the first step of off-road. The real challenge is the obstacles you will encounter on the track. From deep holes and ruts to rocks and logs, off-road requires clearance and has the ability to transmit power to the wheels through traction. We have seen a problem. Chevy knows that most people are no worse than dirt or gravel on any road, so it is designed for aerodynamics and fuel economy. There is a reason why the front bumper of the Jeep is so high. Although the Trailblazer’s ground clearance is not bad, even with Activ’s unique front bumper, the approach angle is still not very large. All of this means that without dragging your nose, you will not drive over large rocks or logs, or enter deep holes or ruts. The road to your favorite fishing spot has not been graded this year? Not a big burning footprint? Not so much.

Very good, but off-roading is more than climbing. What to do when the road is full of holes and you eventually move one or two wheels off the ground? No, the Blazers are not good at these. There are two ways to deal with this situation: articulated and differential lock, but the pioneers do not. The wheels do not have much travel, so they cannot fall into the hole to maintain contact with the ground. Chevrolet packs torsion beams at the rear of the car. The ability of the rear differential and Watt link is impressive, but the torsion beams are useless when off-road.

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There is no problem with one wheel entering the hole, because the other three wheels have good grip. Two wheels? Especially on the diagonal of the vehicle? bad news. The Trailblazers have open differentials at the front and rear, so as long as the wheels lose traction, it spins wildly, while the wheels on the other side of the axle have nowhere to go. If only one of the four wheels does this, the other axle can pull the vehicle out. If the wheels on each axle are suspended, or just ordinary wheels lose traction, you will be in trouble. Some vehicles solve this problem by using brakes to prevent loose wheels from slipping and forcing the wheels to turn by traction. Trail Blazers can do this, but at best it is the best. When we encountered these situations, with the help of the brakes, the gasoline fluctuated and the vehicle was slightly shaken, which finally made it free, but more from the original old power.

So no, new pioneers cannot innovate. The all-wheel drive system is obviously a traction booster in rough weather, shallow mud, dirt, gravel and sand. With its open differential, even if the nose clears it, it will not make you overcome difficulties or overcome difficult obstacles. As the name suggests, the Trailblazer event is aimed at people with an “active lifestyle” in marketing. What they really need to go to state parks are people who can equipment without falling into the quagmire. If your vacation itinerary includes OHV trails, please bring other items.