Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer is naked and ruthless. It will bring you directly into the chaos of the simulated World War II battlefield without wasting anyone’s time. The game mechanics are almost standard CoD, and if you are familiar with franchising, you will find your feet almost immediately. Although Dongzhi chose the old World War II theme for its new first-person shooter (FPS), this game is completely different from 2017’s Call of Duty: World War II. Vanguard is the Black Ops Cold War of 2020, wrapped in a World War II skin, and borrowed some adjustments from Modern Warfare in 2019. The familiarity of the gameplay attracts CoD fans directly, but the theme is to make it an alternative to the Cold War and free theater, rather than the natural next chapter of multiplayer games.

We experienced a two-day multiplayer public beta of “Call of Duty: Pioneer” on Xbox Series S. The game is based on a modern warfare engine and is developed by Sledgehammer Games-Treyarch handles the zombie mode we have yet to see-who previously developed 2017 Call of Duty: World War II. The common theme is no coincidence.

One of the early things that benefited developers was that the multiplayer public beta of Call of Duty: Pioneer was much less than expected. Sledgehammer Games can solve some of the graphics, sound and gameplay problems that plague alpha. Having said that, Activision’s hyped new anti-cheating plan has not yet been implemented, and cheaters who occasionally have no worries can play freely. But once we overcome these, there will be enough loyal fans, enthusiasts and amateurs to keep the fun.

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Call of Duty: Pioneer Map and Matching

Call of Duty: Pioneer Multiplayer has many new things that excite players. One of the essential new features is Combat Pacing-a new form of customizable matching. The tactical hall is a classic 6v6. Assault has a balanced rhythm of 20-28 players, while Blitz allows you to enter a high-intensity hall with 28-48 players. This is a wise addition to provide more breathing space for new players, a balanced gameplay for players, and a crazy experience for like-minded players. But in the long run, how effective it is will require us to experience the full game when it is released on November 5.

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s visibility on minimaps and enclosed spaces may get worse
Image source: Sledgehammer Games

New, interesting and realistic, yes, but there is a damper here to fight hours of uninterrupted games-at least in the Vanguard beta. Sticking to the theme, the overall colors in most maps seem to be slightly softer. There is more wood around that is destructible, which helps make the overall tone slightly dull. The dust produced by the destruction, mixed with the effects of fire, smoke, sparks or snow in different maps and different weapons, reduces the overall visibility a bit, which is comfortable for intense multiplayer gun battles, mainly because it is difficult to find in World War II The skin of the player operator is heavy and beige, causing some additional eye strain. Hope that the diversity in the complete game can solve this problem as expected.

Call of Duty: Pioneer Games and Weapons

Vanguard’s gunfights are fast—a little faster than the Cold War we feel—and these weapons embody the style of the 1940s with a significantly heavier feel and increased vertical recoil. But to make things interesting, the developers restored the weapon mounting mechanism-which means you can mount the weapon on most flat surfaces such as walls and crates to achieve a stable target. The destructible environment is another help. You can shoot boards, partitions, walls, and doors to make aiming holes or put them down completely to make new paths. Just expect that we should have more hits against the wall, because our covers are often blown to pieces. However, a side note to the Vanguard developers is that some solid-looking doors should not be attacked by alone-this complaint was also answered in the Call of Duty forum.

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The weapons in Call of Duty: Vanguard are now worryingly customizable. Expect the wrong combination until you don’t have 10 attachments for each main weapon at your disposal. However, as the scope gets real World War II treatment, natural campers will not be happy, but will have to learn more. The old magnification takes a while to get used to, as do recoil and load time.

The storyline of Call of Duty: Vanguard’s single player campaign looks fresh and expansive-climbing walls and roofs will never go out of style-and should give gamers enough time and background to adapt to the new before they commit to multiplayer full-time environment. In other words, the “Call of Duty: Black Ops” Cold War has achieved a rare balance between reality and the future, but it will still be in competition when choosing a lobby.

You can pre-order Call of Duty: Vanguard now. The game was released globally on November 5th for PS5 (review), PS4, Xbox S/X (review), Xbox One and PC. Call of Duty: Pioneer Standard Edition is available for the previous generation PS4 and Xbox One consoles at a price of Rs. ,999. Owners of new consoles are encouraged to spend extra money for optimized cross-generational game bundles at a price of Rs. 4,999 with some bonus content. Call of Duty: Pioneer Ultimate Edition is filled with more bonus content, and the price is Rs. 6,999. PC gamers can choose between the standard version for $60 and the ultimate version for $100 (approximately Rs 4,490 and Rs 7,480).

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