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To commemorate the National Military Appreciation Month, the Call of Duty Fund is distributing a limited set of packages for your operators Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with Theater.

Call of Duty Fearless Pack modern war Contains Theater

Ready to go to next Theater, “Special ” or “Multiplayer” match the new “Operator” skin, assault rifle blueprint, universal camouflage and more personalization options to show how you perform in the game.

Call of Duty Fearless Set

Activision ’s 100% net income comes from Intrepid Will go to the Donation Foundation and help them complete their mission to incorporate unemployed and underemployed veterans into high-quality work.

Full details of Fearless Bag

This backpack was created in collaboration with and inspired by the combat service of CPT Florent “Flo” Groberg. Flo and his family were born in France, moved to the United States when he was a teenager, and became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 2001. “Fearless Set” contains a total of 10 in-game digital items:

Call of Duty Fearless Set
  • Dear quasi-professional operator skin – Inspired by the brave men and women serving in the United States, this Mil-Sim skin is ready for use in the combat area.
  • Blueprint for the reason assault rifle – This blueprint provides a complete set of tools for weapons, making them an absolute force in the mid-range engagement. The five attachments included are the “Scout Combat Optical System” that provides a precise view, the “Crow” custom sharpshooter barrel for increased damage range and recoil control, and three attachments that can increase the aiming speed: FORGE TAC SQS butt , Tac laser and dot tape. The rifle is engraved with the CPT Flo Groberg commemorative medal to commemorate the event date of his fallen comrade.
  • Firm watch– Use the watch in the game to check the time. The watch has the Endowment logo printed on the nylon strap.
  • Weapon camouflage stand out – Equip special weapon camouflage to make any weapon stand out in the armory.
  • Orange Boonie weapon charm– Add style to your shootout with unique weapon charms, should remind you to always check those corners.
  • Calling card (2) – Use one of these animated calling cards to show your senior support. Equip the calling card in the “Identity” in the “Barracks” menu.
  • Logo (2) – Personalize your identity with two call of duty badges, both of which are animated.
  • Spray – Want to provide support in the game? Donate the fu and leave your mark anywhere in the multiplayer battle under the spray with multiple “Call of Duty End Fu” logos.

Support today ’s veterans, do n’t miss it Intrepid, Can only be purchased within the game and within a limited time Microsoft Store.

Call ofDuty®ModernWarfare®– C.O.D.E. Intrepid Bag

Activision Publishing Inc.

$ 9.99

Support our veteran “Flo” Groberg by purchasing and inspiring the purchase of the Call of Duty () fearless pack created by and inspired by CPT Florent, the Medal of Honor recipient.

The Endowment Foundation provides grants to US nonprofit organizations * and registered British charities that enable US and British veterans to perform high-quality civilian jobs. After purchasing this package, you will directly contribute to the mission of the Donation Foundation.

The full purchase price (less VAT) of this special project will be donated to the “Call of Duty Fund” (EIN: 37-1589072) *. This is a time-limited offer. Once $ 3 million is raised globally, the special product will be withdrawn from sale.

The packaging includes:

– 1 operator
– 1 blueprint for assault rifle
– 1 camouflage
– 1 watch
– 1 charm
– 1 spray
– 2 calling cards
– 2 signs

* For more information, please see

This package is not cross-platform supported and can only be accessed on One.

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