The police said in a statement in New Delhi that 62% of cybercrime complaints filed in 2020 were related to financial fraud. Delhi police said that during the coronavirus lockdown, they witnessed emergencies in cybercrime incidents.

24% of the complaints are related to social media, mainly online harassment, and the remaining 14% are related to crimes such as hackers and theft. The statement said: “Of the various cybercrime complaints received, the main one is online financial fraud, accounting for approximately 62% of the total.”

A close reading of the complaints received by the Delhi Police Department reveals that there are increasing cases of extortion by distorting people’s videos, especially videos related to sexual behavior.

Several cases were registered in cases related to technical support, immigration and call center fraud, and 125 people were arrested. These fake call centers are used to deceive foreigners.

The statement said that Delhi police had opened five large-scale fake call centers from Moti Nagar, Rajouri Garden and Peera Garhi, and arrested 125 people, including the owners or managers of these phones.

Fake call centers are mainly aimed at citizens of English-speaking countries. They treat technical support from well-known technology companies such as Microsoft, Apple, HP and AT&T as legal technical support.

The statement said that another common modus operandi is to blackmail money after threatening legal proceedings for tax violations, violations of social security numbers, or violations of immigration rules. The statement said that the cybercrime department of the Delhi Police has been taking severe actions against criminals and arrested more than 214 criminals.

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It added that in the past 10 days, a total of 5 illegal call centers were destroyed.

Due to actions taken by the police, 278 personal containing objectionable content were blocked. This includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube accounts. It added that the largest number of accounts-140 accounts blocked-is Twitter.

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