The Korean music superstar BTS held a virtual concert this weekend, and audiences from all over the world can participate in the live event. This includes huge fan bases in countries such as India, which usually do not become part of Korean pop culture except for the second time-hand experience. Although the pandemic has shut down most parts of the world, for some fans, thanks to the Internet, it has opened up unprecedented opportunities.

The event started with something that many fans not experience-live auditions. For offline concerts, the number of audition tickets is limited and not easy to get. Therefore, this is the first time that many people have had close contact with an artist.

“I canR7;t imagine getting tickets to BTS (offline) concerts, let alone auditions. But in this unprecedented time, the way BTS and other artists around the world interact with fans is so healthy. Auditions may be A once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said Ravneet Sandhu, a Korean student and French teacher of the French Alliance in Chandigarh.

Image source: Bighit Music

Online concerts provide 4K streaming and six multi-view windows. HYBE (BTSR7;s management agency) also adds more virtual experiences, such as waiting rooms for meeting fans, band members can talk directly with them.

“It is disappointing that we have to complete this work online, but you can still watch us from the monitor. BTS lead singer Jung Kook left a message in the waiting room (translated in Korean).

“These widgets certainly increase the overall experience and make us feel closer to the artist,” said Tanzira Sheikh, a Korean translator from Delhi, who has been a fan of BTS since his debut.

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Image source: Bighit Music

There is also no capacity limit for online concerts-HYBE earlier reported that the 2020 “Soul Map ON:E” online concert was watched by 993,000 people in 19 countries/regions. Later, “Bang Bang Con” in April 2021 attracted 2.7 million viewers.

This time, some viewers can experience live K-pop for the first time because of the online offering. “I listen to their songs occasionally and never wanted to go to the concert. But since it is online, why not,” said Shruti Bakshi, a student in Delhi.

First time and first time

There are also many firsts in the concertR7;s repertoire list. This time there was no individual performance, or even a collective performance, and all seven members participated. “This is our first attempt; we want to show all seven of us without any individual performances,” BTS member V said at the end (K-Pop fans call it one of the performers and the audience). Chat between songs, usually between songs).

The set table also represents every BTS era, mixing nostalgic, iconic and interesting numbers. The band added a special dance break to their English single “Butter” and sang their hit songs “Life Goes On”, “Boy with Luv” and “Dynamite” with the live band. There is a new choreography that mixes “blood, sweat and tears” with “fake love” and “black swan”.

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Image source: Bighit Music

They also sang songs such as “Dis-ease”, “Telepathy” and “Stay”, which resonated strongly because these numbers express a common sense of uncertainty during the pandemic.

“I was singingR7;Spring Day’ while looking at the empty seats. It was sad; tears filled my eyes. But we were all together,” Jungkook said. “Like the lyrics of “Spring Day”, wait for us a little while, and we will see you soon. Thank you for your continued love and support for us,” member J-Hope added.

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The concert ended with the English single “Permission to Dance”, and then the “BTS Permission To Dance On Stage-LA” American live (offline) concert will also be broadcast live.

The concerts held at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles in November and December this year will be the first time that BTS and ARMY have met face-to-face since the 209 BTS World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself The Final.

“From the beginning of the US tour, we will try to find you, more and more performances,” said BTS member Jin at the end.