Britain close to final decision on whether to ban Huawei from its 5G networks
Despite continued pressure from the United States to not allow Huawei’ network equipment to enter the UK’s 5G network, the UK announced in January that it would not heed the warning. The equipment from the world’s largest network equipment supplier will be used in the country’s 5G network, although these components should be placed away from sensitive areas. At the time, a spokesperson said: “The United States is disappointed with the British decision.” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson feels he has no other decision Because Huawei’ technical and advantages over its competitors.

U.S. sanctions on have placed greater pressure on Britain to remove Huawei from 5G networks

But according to the US government Huawei Because it has rumors with the Chinese Communist government, it is a national security threat. Of course, has repeatedly denied this. The United States tried to convince the United Kingdom that if Huawei participated in the country’ 5G network, it would not be able to pass intelligence to its allies. Finally, the Prime Minister’s determination was somewhat cracked. Bloomberg reports Johnson may announce at the National Security Council meeting on Tuesday that equipment will be banned by the UK network by the end of next year.

In the United States, military and telecommunications companies prohibit the use of Huawei products, including telephone and network equipment. Some rural wireless providers have installed Huawei equipment in older networks, and the current government hopes to remove them.

Although the United States has indeed exerted enough pressure to promote the development of the United Kingdom, what really convinced the British to think twice about Huawei’ presence in its 5G network is the recent changes to the US export rules. Under the new rules, foundries using US technology to produce chips cannot any products to Huawei without a US license. As a result, Huawei may be forced to use “untrusted” chips, which greatly reduces the security of any 5G network that uses Huawei equipment. A review in the UK concluded that in this case, the country will not be able to control the security of its 5G network.

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The Conservative Party to which Prime Minister Johnson belongs has been pushing for the decision to overturn the use of Huawei equipment. Conservative Party member Bob Seely praised the US sanctions and prompted Britain to reconsider its original decision. He said: “Sanctions have changed the momentum. The government is listening and it is important to make them praised for doing the right thing.” Seely said that MPs hope that “no new effective date” and “deletion date.” After the previous date, no company was able to install Huawei equipment in the UK. In the latter case, all Huawei equipment must be removed in the country. Politicians want to see “no new toolkits.” “Date” is set to the second half of 2021, and there is still controversy about where the “exit date” should be on the calendar. The range considered is dates between 2023 and 2025.

Some Conservative parties did not fight for such harsh language. Neil O’Brien said he is not worried about the timing of Huawei equipment removal, nor is he very worried about removing equipment from the old network. This is because the latter “will end in a few years”. This reflects Damian Green’ comments, and he is not worried about old equipment. He just wanted to ban new equipment in Parliament before 2024.

The next-generation wireless connection, 5G, will provide ten times faster download data speeds than 4G LTE. Not only does it allow users to download movies in seconds instead of minutes, but it should also help create new technologies and new businesses.

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