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The web can now detect when a webpage is unavailable, and provides the ability to search for backups of , Internet Archive has been announced. Although the 404 error code is the most well-known, the announcement states that this feature also applies to 408, 410, 451, 500, 502, 503, 504, 509, 520, 521, 523, 524, 525, and 526 errors.

If you visit a missing page (e.g. This one), Then using Brave, the browser will generate a notification saying "Sorry, this page is missing. Do you want to check if there is a saved version on Wayback Machine?" Click the prompt to take you to the archived version of the page, and then Here you can scroll through different snapshots of the page over a period of time. Whether deliberately or accidentally deleted, it makes it easier to find information that has disappeared from the Internet.

When the browser detects a 404 error code, it will generate a notification.
Screenshot of Jon Porter / The Verge

Although there is no guarantee that lost pages have been archived, Internet Archive states that Wayback Machine has archived more than 900 billion URLs and 400 billion web pages in its 23-year history.

If you want to give it a try, it now works as Desktop version Brave 1.4. Specifically, we have verified that it works on 1.4.95 browsers. Also, if you want to enable similar features for existing browsers, Internet Archive also has chromium, Apple browserwith Firefox browser.

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