The internet may be a gold mine of information, but it's too easy For company with government Delete web and cleaning history. Although it is difficult to determine the average life of a web page, some estimates Put the graph in 44 days and 100 days. Why is this part Brave, Privacy-conscious browser Mozilla co-founder and JavaScript creator Brendan Eich recently introduced this feature, which now makes it easier for to access web pages that are no .

The desktop app is now included Internet Archive Built-in-marks the first time for Internet archiving Backtracking Machine Supported locally in desktop browsers.

Since 1996, the Internet Archive has been drawing a network development map for anyone to see Facebook login page for 2005 Either 2006 VentureBeat Just insert the URL into Wayback . Internet archives take snapshots at intervals to crawl the Web to provide public records of how the Internet has changed. But this is also a useful tool for recording what public figures say- Donald Trump.

"The web is fragile-just like the rise and fall of a country, so is your favorite news organization, brand, company, , etc.," said Wayback Machine director Mark Graham. Blog post. "The page was edited and the page was deleted."

Brave is now integrated 404 The detection system plugs into its browser so that any request for a web page that no longer exists is directly linked to Wayback Machine's search engine.

The user will see a message at the top of the browser saying: "Sorry, this page is missing. Do you want to check if there is a saved version in Wayback Machine and prompt you to click the" Check saved version "button.

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Above: A 404 error is returned on the site, and Brave directly links to the version on Wayback Machine

"In the past 23 years, Wayback Machine has archived more than 900 billion URLs and more than 400 billion web pages, and has added billions of archived URLs every day," Graham said. "Therefore, it is likely that an archived version of the & # 39; missing & # 39; page you are looking for is provided.

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It's worth noting that Wayback Machine already exists For Google Chrome with Firefox browser By extension, but the installation produces enough friction so that the average user doesn't even understand it. By default, activating web archives is an important step forward, ensuring that Internet users can still see what they want even if they delete content from the original source.

In addition to the common 404 (Page Not Found) error code, Wayback Machine can bypass a dozen other error codes, including 408 (request timeout) and 502 (wrong gateway error).