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Boston Dynamics has been talking about 's ability to inspect places that are too dangerous for humans, whether it's checking for gas leaks or disposing of bombs and other hazardous materials. But now, former MythBuster host Adam Savage has developed a new use for the expensive robodog: Pull him over with a homemade rickshaw.

The project is in Savage Borrowed a robot from Boston Dynamics for a year January. Although he said that it is impossible to ride directly on the Spot to the weight that the can bear, a is a choice. The host explained in the video: "I [hopefully] made an early video as a simple task, and we provided Spot with fun, evocative, fancy and interesting content."

This project uses Modular platform Created for the Spot by Boston Dynamics, the goal is for the company to create its own capabilities and payloads for robots. Spot has a set of cargo railings on top of which Savage was able to mount a trailer hook that could be connected to his rickshaw.

This is not the most practical way to travel, but it can be said that the same is true for rickshaws. This has not stopped cities such as bicycles from crowding through cities such as London. At this point, why not completely cut off humans and rely on robot dogs? Or if you don't like rickshaws, why not go all out and use a pack of Spots to Tow your car?

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