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February is usually a romantic time of the year-but in a world full of chaos, everything that is unforgettable is hard to come by Borderlands 3. To celebrate the Broken Heart Day and wreak havoc this week to express the true feelings of your vault hunter, Borderlands 3Free seasonal events starting today!

Sad day Alive
Now running on Xbox One and will run for a week, ending on Thursday, February
20. Maurice, your intellectual Saurian boatmate on Sanctuary III, is continuing
His study of human customs is of particular interest to us
Strange courtship ceremony. Help him understand the emotional roller coaster
It's a broken heart day, you need to blow up those floating hearts
The bad guy's head popped up all over the galaxy.

Broken Heart Day Affects Enemies
Rotate the colorful heart across the entire universe of Borderlands 3
Around some bad guys who are particularly in love. But those hearts are not just one
Physical manifestations of primitive emotions-they can release chaos on the battlefield
With unique gains and effects.

Borderlands 3-Broken Heart

One shot
Destroy these hearts, which could lead to as direct as fire
Explosive or anarchic explosions in nearby areas
Enemies switch camps to fight on your behalf in a short time. Some heart will
Even looting extra loot for you! More heart types to discover during this period
Activities, but we will surprise them.

Most importantly, Maurice has learned a lot
You did your best to clear your heart during the event. by
Complete a of heartbreaking challenges and you get ECHO
Device skins, weapon trinkets and Vault Hunter skins will make you look more beautiful
Wearing pink, there are even some legendary weapons that fit the theme! That is
We also added the option to opt out of seasonal events so you can switch
If you prefer Borderlands 3, you can rest during the event.

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If you want to play Borderlands 3 With your special friends or a group of friends, you will be happy to know that these three versions Borderlands 3 Yes 50% off For Xbox Live Gold members before February 17, 2020. Which includes Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition, Which comes with Season Pass and provides access to campaign add-ons, such as Moxxi's Handsome Award robbery!!

Borderlands 3-Broken Heart

Jump in Borderlands 3 Now, enjoy this Broken Heart Day before this heartbreaking holiday ends on Thursday, February 20. If you want to know what other free content additions and updates? Borderlands 3You should check out borderlands.com Change a new one Developer roadmap, Which outlines exciting plans for upcoming features driven by community feedback. Until then, "Broken Heart Day" is a perfect time to show your true feelings to the enemy by smashing their hearts to the enemy and earning some generous returns in the process!

The team is working on the next big seasonal event and we are happy to show you more in the near future. If you are eager to hear more about what is coming Borderlands 3, Make sure you do n’t miss it Gearbox panel at PAX East on February 27 Starts at 11:30 AM / 2: 30 PM Pacific Time / 7: 30 PM GMT! We will be sharing many announcements, including a complete showcase of Borderlands 3's second campaign add-on. Hope to see you there!

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The original shooting predators are returning, filled with billions of guns and brand new chaos adventures! As one of four brand new vault hunters, crossing new and enemies, everyone has deep skill trees, abilities and customization capabilities. Play alone or with your friends against crazy enemies, get tons of loot, and save your house from the most brutal cult leader in the galaxy.

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