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Starcraft Ghost

In the 2002 GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox versions, Blizzard was developing a full-format -person shooter game called StarCraft: Ghost. The game went through a bump development cycle, and the GameCube version was cancelled in 2004. Immediately following this generation, the project was completely cancelled in 2014.

Now, almost two later, leaked footage of earlier versions of the Xbox has leaked online. Although this may not be a shot of StarCraft: Ghosts running on GameCube, we think that if we see today's dawn, it will look very similar on Nintendo and Sony platforms. Although many leaked shots have been removed, there are still some online clips [check them out if possible]:

As you can see, this is a fairly standard -person shooter. However, this will be a good change compared to Blizzard's main product at the time. Below are some other screenshots of the Xbox version with which Twitter users are connected. Kosaku About leaks.

Is this the game you were looking forward to? What do you think of the footage and screenshots above? Share your thoughts below.

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