sold out Bakala Action Bentley's Design languages ​​are moving in a sharper and direction. It's limited to 12 units, so it's unlikely to see one in the wild, but its lead will affect the company's future models.

"Its target audience as well as our traditional customers appreciate it very much. I was surprised and happy and received positive reviews. I am encouraged to really advance the theme of reviving and modernizing the Bentley design language," Bentley leads Stefan Sielaff designer Tell Car blog. He added that his team will speed up the process in the coming years. He confirmed: "We will take a step forward."

Bentley is still a relatively small company and recently passed a release New European variant, So do n’t expect to discover its next design language in the coming months. For companies, this is a long-term goal. Fortunately, there are many projects in the pipeline. Company owner Adrian Hallmark Strongly suggest In the "more luxurious or even bigger" version BentegaWill likely succeed Mursan (Pictured) At the top of the lineup, he suggests that Bentley plan to release temporarily Its first electric model -May be with advanced solid-state battery packs-around mid-2020s.

When it comes to electrification, designers will have the opportunity to explore new design approaches.

"I think when we talk Electronic car, And from a design standpoint, we must first improve efficiency. This has a certain impact on our design language. This means we need to focus more on aerodynamics and lightweight design, which directly affects style. I personally think this is a great opportunity for us; it will help us advance the design language. "

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