Battlegrounds Mobile India’s “Ready to Jump” community event is underway, and participants have the opportunity to win official merchandise. The event asked participants to share clips of them placing pushpins on the map and landing at the destination of their choice. Krafton is looking for tactics that players use to skydive in battle royale games. A total of 150 submissions will win a box containing Battlegrounds Mobile India brand clothing and accessories. The event will end on July 30 and the winner will be announced one later.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a very popular free royal battle game. Players jump from an airplane, land on a selected spot on the map, then pick up weapons and armor to fight and become the last person/team standing. Card Futton has started the preparation for the jump, and players can win official merchandise by demonstrating their skydiving and landing skills. Participants need to share a short video of less than one minute showing their avatar jumping and gliding to the destination. The event is currently underway and will continue until July 30.

They need to mark the game’s respective channels and share the clips on any social media such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube-@battlegroundsmobilein_official on Instagram, @Battlegrounds Mobile India on Facebook or @BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA on YouTube. Other requirements include using #GETREADYTOJUMP and #BATTLEGROUNDSMOBILEINDIA tags, and providing a character UID number.

The winner will receive a merchandise box, which includes Battlegrounds Mobile India brand headscarves, backpacks, hats, badges, mobile phone rings, cups, slippers, T-shirts and wristbands.

Krafton will select 150 submissions, and the winner will be announced on the game’s official social media channels within 30 days after the end of the event. Then, the player will be contacted in the game via email for further communication and detailed product delivery information. Krafton stated that if there are any discrepancies, it reserves the right to replace, remove or disqualify any participant at its sole discretion.

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