Battlegrounds Mobile India has more than 5 million downloads in the early access stage and is available everyone in the country. South Korean developer Krafton shared the development process through in- notifications and rewards thanking Indian players. The game was opened to a small number of testers in the form of a public test on June 17th, and opened to everyone on June 18th, with more than 5 million downloads. Battlegrounds Mobile India is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, which was banned in the country last September.

Krafton presented a Classic Crate coupon each Battlegrounds Mobile India player, thanking them for their 5 million downloads. The in- event screen displays a “5 million download gift” notification with the content “Thank you India! Celebrate 5 million downloads, we use this extra gift to express our gratitude! Please enjoy!” The notification will reward players with a free coupon , They can use it to open classic boxes and get random rewards. Only two days before the game is available for download, the first day is only for Beta testers.

Krafton opened a beta test for a limited number of users on June 17, and the slot filled up almost immediately. You can check our first impression of the game. Later, it announced that the Early Access version is now available for everyone use, and more slots were provided in the test plan. Players who join in the early access stage can get a supply box coupon, two EXP cards and a 2x BP card.

It is not surprising see so many players joining, because Battlegrounds Mobile India has been eagerly looking forward to it for nearly nine months. The is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile that was banned in the country last September. At the beginning of last month, Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registered in the Google Play store. By the first of this month, the pre-registration volume had exceeded 20 million. 5 million downloads seem to be the first milestone for this extremely popular game that has not yet landed on iOS devices.

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