Battlegrounds Mobile India developer Krafton shared the latest news about his plans to establish an e-sports ecosystem in India. In November, Krafton stated that it plans to invest US$100 million (approximately Rs 7.46 billion) in India to improve local video games, e-sports and other industries. Today, it confirmed that it has invested USD 22.5 million (approximately Rs 16.7 crore) in NODWIN Gaming and USD 9 million (approximately Rs 67.13 crore) in Loco. The developer said it will continue to look for promising companies to help build a healthy gaming environment.

After PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September, the game’s operations in the country were taken over by South Korean developer Krafton. After several attempts to bring the game back, the developer announced in November that it would PUBG Mobile India in the country, specifically for Indian players.

At that time, it also announced plans to invest US$100 million (approximately Rs 7.46 billion) in India to “cultivate the local video game, e-sports, entertainment and IT industries.” Now, Krafton announced through a press release that it is working towards this goal and has made some investments to achieve its goals. When Battlegrounds Mobile India was announced in early May, Krafton had stated that the game will debut with its own eSports ecosystem, which includes tournaments and leagues. With its current investment, it seems to be moving steadily towards its goal. Speaking of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the game was officially launched today (July 2) for Android users in India. As of now, is no information about the iOS version.

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As the game returns to India, the company seems to be continuing to invest in building an ecosystem, but whether this is enough to bring the game back to its pre-ban popularity height is uncertain, because of competition, both and local, emerging in the absence of PUBG , Lasted about nine months.