Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has announced severe measures against illegal programs and activities that affect the game. The developer Krafton stated that it has banned more than 140,000 accounts in less than a week and detailed the reasons that may have caused your account to be banned. The free battle royale game will send notifications to players when any illegal activity is and ask them to fix any unnecessary data before enforcing the ban. BGMI stated that if players download games from unofficial channels or run illegal auxiliary programs on their devices, they may be banned.

Through a post on his website, Krafton mentioned that serious measures will be taken to reduce the new illegal activities and programs running on Battlegrounds Mobile India. If the player downloads the game version through unofficial channels, installs illegal or auxiliary programs on their device, is using a rooted or jailbroken device, using another player’s account, or when the data is abnormal, a warning message will pop up and be detected. On September 15th, warning messages will be popped up to players.

Krafton also provides players with the option of routine maintenance, which should solve most problems and restore the modified data to normal.Players can click for daily maintenance Arrow icon On the lobby screen after launching Battlegrounds Mobile India on their Android or iOS devices.From there they can go set up > basic > Sign out > repair > Check Daily maintenance > OKAfter completing these steps, the player can log in again. If you ignore the pop-up window and do not follow these steps, it may result in the player’s account being banned.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India also banned 142,578 accounts during the week from September 3 to September 9. Krafton stated that it will implement severe sanctions to the use of illegal programs in order to improve the gaming experience for all players.

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