Matt Reeves has scenes from his epic.

The creepy is Robert Pattinson’s caped crusader facing off against his classic nemesis the , played by Barry Keegan, who is also part of the film’s finale.

Batman : Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves make a moody visceral opera

As Reeves explained to Variety in a recent interview, the Batman scene comes after Bruce Wayne (Pattinson) out that the Riddler killed the Gotham police chief, leaving him to write Another mysterious note to Batman. Disturbed by Riddler’s interest in him, Batman to dig deeper into Riddler’s motives.

The filmmaker likes to suggest to audiences that Gotham City is full of villains on the edge of the story, and that Keegan’s Joker is one of the first enemies Batman captures.

“You realize they’re related, and what this guy obviously did, Batman somehow got him into ,” Reeves noted.

“It’s almost our anniversary, isn’t it?” The Joker tells Batman at the scene.

The reason Batman pushes the Joker is why the Riddler is doing what he’s doing and why he’s taking notes for all of Batman’s crimes.

“Maybe he’s your fan?” said the Joker. “Or maybe he also holds a grudge against you, maybe you’re the main dish.”

The scene heats up as the Joker taunts Batman with disturbing facts, part of him agreeing with Riddle’s decision to send Gotham’s leader mired in corruption.

“I think somewhere, deep down, you’re just scared because you’re not sure he’s wrong,” Joker said, grinning away.

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Although this scene was , Reeves kept a follow-up scene at the end of Batman in which the Joker and Riddler are connected in adjacent cells at Arkham State Hospital.

Batman is in theaters around the world. In , it is available in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.