According to the draft legislation announced on Monday, Australia plans to allow social media companies to obtain consent for users under the age of 16, and threaten to impose a fine of up to 10 million Australian dollars (about 550 million rupees) on Internet platforms that do not comply with the regulations.

The Privacy Act states that social media companies, including anonymous forums such as Reddit and smartphone dating apps such as Bumble, will also be required to take all reasonable measures to determine the age of users and prioritize children’s interests when collecting data.

The newly proposed rules will make Australia one of the countries with the strictest age controls on social media and will work hard to control the power of large technology companies after paying mandatory licensing fees for media organizations and plans to strengthen laws against misinformation and defamation.

Fearing that the company is damaging children’s mental health and sparking social disagreements, Facebook this faced the anger of US lawmakers after a former employee and whistleblower of the company submitted thousands of documents to Congressional investigators-Australian lawmakers quoted on Monday Made this progress.

“We are ensuring that (Australian) data and privacy are protected and handled with care,” Attorney General Michaelia Cash said in a statement.

“Our draft legislation means that if these companies do not meet the standard, they will be subject to heavy penalties,” she added.

David Coleman, Assistant Secretary of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, said that “the leaks of internal Facebook indicate that social media platforms may have an impact on the body image and mental health of young people.”

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Facebook Australia and Zealand Director of Public Policy Mia Garlick (Mia Garlick) said in a statement that the company is reviewing the proposed law and that “ensure that the pace of development of Australian privacy laws is consistent with the development of our innovations and new technologies. Speed ​​is quite important. “I am experiencing today.”

According to the draft law, the privacy regulator of the Australian Information Commissioner’s Office will have full investigative and enforcement powers and have the ability to impose a fine of up to 10 million Australian dollars (approximately 550 million rupees) on a company, which is equivalent to 10% of its annual turnover. % Or triple the economic benefit of any violation.

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