The ability of augmented reality (AR) to connect our digital and physical worlds is changing the way brands interact with consumers on social media. Digital giants Snapchat and Facebook turn consumer love for AR into currency through advertising and brand experiences, opening the door for brand use. A novel creative and immersive narrative approach that engages consumers in a way of appreciation and response. .

Predicting global mobile AR users

As new users grow, AR marketing usage in mobile apps will increase

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Although the use of AR in social media is still in its early stages, immersive technology has become a technology that brands cannot ignore. This fun, memorable and convenient way to integrate the brand into the lives of consumers is catalysing the way brands increase conversion sales, increase consumer engagement and increase brand awareness.

With AR ads expected to generate more than $ 13 billion Revenue to mobile advertising revenue by 2022, so it will account for more than 12% of all mobile advertising revenue by that year. Vital brands must now develop their AR strategy to ensure early advantage.

inside AR in social media report, Business Insider Intelligence is involved in the growing social media AR ecosystem; explore why brands integrate AR into advertising and brand experiences; outline how brands can benefit from this new, immersive content delivery method; and explore The future of the space.

The companies mentioned in this report are: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Here are some of the key elements of the report:

  • It is expected that the number of mobile AR users will increase by 100% year-on-year in 2018, exceeding 1 billion, and social media is rapidly becoming the preferred channel for consumers to obtain mobile AR experiences.
  • The viral acceptance of AR in social media by consumers underscores why brands need to adopt the technology to enhance their social strategies, and it has proven to be an effective channel to attract consumers and expand their reach.
  • Brands strive to achieve three clear goals when implementing AR in their social media strategy: increase sales and downloads after conversion, increase consumer engagement, and increase brand awareness.
  • In addition, there are many signs that the technology will improve in the near future, which will play a major role in driving brands to use AR in social media.

Full report:

  • Assess mobile AR adoption on social media and identify factors driving consumer and brand adoption.
  • Describe in detail how brands benefit from AR in social media and learn more about how it can help brands achieve their goals.
  • Outline trends that will enhance the social media augmented reality experience and provide more opportunities for brands in the years to come.

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