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AT & T streaming box for TV and TV remote.

Streaming services often avoid fees, contracts, and other pricing headaches common in cable TV. However, this is definitely not the case with AT & T's new live TV service, which mirrors cable TV plans by charging a higher price than the advertising price, customers into the contract, and expires at the promotional price They were subsequently charged a substantial price increase.

AT & T TVs have been sold in 13 markets during its test phase and are now sold nationwide, AT & T announced today. Apart from the nationwide promotion and lower promotional prices, the service has not changed much since we wrote this service Last August. [Note that AT & T TV is different from similar AT & T TVs now.]

AT & T TV Homepage With multiple plans starting at $ 49.99 per month, note that advertising prices are only valid for 12 and do not taxes. What are the taxes and fees? You must order the service to find the answer. Today, I have almost completed the checkout process, entered my name, address and credit card details, hoping to figure out the full price so I can include that details in this article. But the online portal requires you to click "Submit Order" without knowing how much taxes will be added to your monthly bill.

Signing AT & T TV requires a two- contract. When cancelling the agreement, the agreement also requires an early termination fee of $ 15 per month. If you order online, you don't need to pay a $ 20 activation fee.

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Price increase the next year

Twelve after paying the promotional price, you will pay the "penetration rate", which is twice or close to the first year's basic tax rate [excluding taxes and fees]. At current prices, the entry-level "entertainment" package has a promotional price of $ 49.99 and will increase to $ 93 per month the following year. The promotional price of the Choice plan is $ 54.99, which will double to $ 110; the promotional price of the Xtra package is $ 64.99, rising to $ 124; and the promotional price of the Ultimate package is $ 69.99, which will increase to $ 135.

These prices do not include the $ 8.49 per month fee for the regional sports network, which applies to Choice, Xtra, and Ultimate packages.

The plan includes options for local radio , various cable channels, and premium channels at an additional cost. The complete channel list is Here.

Each customer gets one Android driver The plan includes voice remotes supported by AT & T TV equipment and Google Assistant, but you need to pay $ 120 for each additional one TV box. You can also pass AT & T TV Application Available on , Google Play, TV and Amazon Fire TV. AT & T recently End of support for Roku devices.

In towns where AT & T offers Internet services, you can bundle AT & T TVs with broadband. As a result, the price portion of the TV will be reduced by $ 10 per month for 12 months. The promotional price for broadband services is $ 40 per month for 12 months, excluding taxes and $ 10 per month for equipment. The bundle provides unlimited data and the fastest Internet speeds available in the region, which can reach 1Gbps if AT & T fiber is installed. Broadband prices rose after 12 months, roughly Standard $ 70 / month.

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AT & T's TV malfunction

The follows a catastrophic year for the AT & T TV division. AT & T will have 24.49 million customers for its DirecTV satellite, cable and linear streaming TV services starting in 2019. AT & T has 20.4 million customers after 2019 ends Loss over 4 million subscriber.

AT & T said that customer losses were due to "focus on profitability," "promotional price reductions," and "promotional reductions." In other words, AT & T tries to get more money from each customer and loses subscribers in the process.

AT & T TV is an important part of AT & T's plan to revitalize its TV business. But it may face the same life cycle as other AT & T services, with promotional prices driving the initial surge in registrations, and then customers abandoning the service after price increases. A two-year contract can keep the number of subscribers for a period of time, but it's not surprising to see customers escaping when the contract expires or when early termination costs are low.

Most importantly, we want people to read the rules before registering. Just like cable TV, people who subscribe to AT & T's new online service need to beware of hidden fees and huge price increases, or look for Another streaming service.