In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, some carriers in the United States have begun to take action to help customers during these difficult times. Yesterday, Verizon Announced that they will provide 15GB of additional data in most of their data plans, and now AT & T has also announced that it will take action.

AT & T announced that they will waive domestic wireless voice and data coverage fees due to the coronavirus pandemic. The company said it would not terminate any wireless, home phone or broadband residential or small business services due to its inability to pay its bills.

The company also provides free wireless data to the school district to provide students with the opportunity to adapt to home study. Qualified schools, colleges, and universities are launching new production lines for school-issued tablets, laptops and hotspot devices that support 4G LTE, and get unlimited data services for free within 60 days.

AT & T also provides video assistance, which means that new customers of K-12 education, healthcare and non-profit social services can get AT & T (Email protected) Completely free Premium with fully integrated phone, fax, messaging capabilities and high-definition video for up to 100 users.

Home Internet and distance learning are other programs AT & T is launching. The first is a low-cost option to provide Internet services to homes participating in the National School Lunch Program and the Start-Up Program, and they will also receive two months of free service. Distance learning includes a fund to help improve and expand online learning resources.

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You also get 60 days of free and unlimited use Carib. video calling app allows family members to read, draw and play games with each other in different locations. For more information, you can go to AT & T COVID 19 support page.

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