att tv box

AT & T TV is Launched nationwide today It was initially launched in more than a dozen markets last year. TV subscription- Not to be confused with AT & T TV (Formerly DirecTV Now) —It's contract-based, and it's different from the freedom you enjoy on YouTube TV, Hulu with live TV and Sling TV's monthly streaming TV app. With a two-year agreement, you will get an Android TV set-top box and a cable-like remote control (with Google Assistant button).

AT & T is trying to position AT & T TV as its premium streaming TV experience. For seeking better Cable / is cheaper than others. This is basically the next step for AT & T on DirecTV. As more and more consumers cut off the power cord, DirecTV continues to lose customers every quarter.

You can watch TV on the box in front of the TV, and there is also an AT & T TV app for iOS, iPadOS and Android. (A web browser is also supported.) Installation is very simple. You plug the box into the TV's HDMI port, enter Wi-Fi information, log in with AT & T TV credentials, and start watching. Cable / conversion makes everything familiar: the remote control comes with digital buttons, and its channel guide closely fits DirecTV's list. But here everything is streamed over the network. The "home screen" of AT & T TV's Android TV experience is always live TV. Whenever you open it, it is pulled from the last channel you opened. Again, it's very much like a cable, and I appreciate the touch. Have to Look for Live TV makes a difference.

The AT & T TV itself starts at $ 49.99 per month. This is the company's channel lineup This way you can see what is provided in each package. The basic "entertainment" package includes local broadcast channels, ESPN, AMC, HGTV, FX, USA, and many other cable networks. Sports fans will want to use the middle-tier "Select" channel package ($ 54.99), which adds regional sports networks, such as almost all sports networks that YouTube TV has just lost, and networks such as the YES Network. The company is promoting bundled services that include Gigabit Home Internet (if available) and AT & T TV for a total of $ 80 per month.

However, keep in mind the following: After 12 months of service, AT & T TV prices have risen sharply. Entertainment price drops from $ 49.99 to $ 93; options go for $ 110; Xtra to $ 124; final price is $ 135. If you cancel your service before signing a service agreement, you must also pay an activation fee and early termination fee. (ETF is still on your contract, and you need to pay ETF $ 15 per month.) If you own a YouTube TV or similar device, these may impress you and make your memories of the cable era fresh.

What's the point of that? AT & T is pushing for simplified information. You can search for live TV, on-demand content, and streaming applications from one central location without having to switch HDMI ports or use the remote control. The company wrote in a press release: "For example, you can easily switch between live basketball games, Netflix, YouTube, or listen to music on Pandora or Spotify." The included cloud DVR lets you save up to 500 Hours of shows and movies, although content will be deleted after 90 days.

AT & T TV allows up to three concurrent streams, so when someone is also watching TV on the couch, a couple can stream live TV outside the home. I have been testing the box in recent days and so far I have had a great with this service. The menu is easy to navigate. If you don't want to mess up the guide, just tell Google Assistant to tune to a certain network by name.

In the next few weeks, I will spend more on AT & T TV, the company said that HBO Max will be deeply integrated with the service after it is launched in May. If you are already satisfied with other Internet TV services on Roku or other streaming devices, does AT & T TV make sense? Maybe not. But AT & T hopes that AT & T TV will emerge as a "next generation" alternative to cable and and will help reduce video loss.