AT & T sign outside the building.
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AT & T is dropping home internet caps Coronavirus pandemic.

"Many of our AT & T internet customers already have unlimited home internet access and we are giving up Internet data excess For the remaining customers, "AT & T said in a statement provided to Ars today.

AT & T apply Monthly data cap 150GB on DSL, 250GB on fixed wireless networks, and 1TB on most faster wired services. Overcharges are $ 10 for every additional 50GB, up to $ 100 or $ 200 per month, According to the plan.

When customers order a gigabit speed grade or purchase Internet and TV services, AT & T can provide them with unlimited data. You also have the option to pay an additional $ 30 per month for unlimited data.

We asked AT & T if it plans to relax any data caps and speed limits imposed on mobile services, but we have not yet answered.

Including AT & T, we have sent emails to 10 home, mobile and satellite ISPs this morning asking if they plan to cancel or relax data caps, while the has forced many students and workers to stay home.

, the largest home Internet provider in the United States, has not yet told us whether the data will be suspended, so it is clearly still being enforced. Comcast Announced today It is increasing the speed of Internet Essentials from 15Mbps download / 2Mbps upload speed to 25Mbps / 3Mbps, a service targeted at low-income Americans.

Under motherboard "A lot of" conversations "about the" outbreak "are currently underway, but it's impossible to confirm whether the suspension of caps will be part of the company's manual.

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AT & T is the second largest provider of data caps for home Internet services. AT & T's statement today also states that through its "continued provision of internet data to eligible limited income households for $ 10 a month" Access from AT & T Discounted services, but the company has not announced any changes to the plan.

FCC Democrats Urge Abandoning Data Cap

Today we also contacted the offices of all five FCC commissioners. Two Democrats on the Republican Majority Committee returned to us and urged ISPs to abandon or relax their data caps. Three Republicans, including Chairman Ajit Pai, did not comment.

FCC Democrat Geoffrey Starks asks for a 60-day data cap waiver:

Given that Americans are about to commute remotely, use telemedicine, take classes online, and use the Internet more, I call on broadband providers to abandon data caps for affected communities within the next 60 days. This tailored approach will undoubtedly cost the telecommunications company, but it recognizes the urgency of the moment. The actions taken by wireless carriers are particularly critical, as 26% of low-income Americans have smartphones but do not have broadband at home. "

FCC Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel said, "Because of the corona virus," we will explore unprecedented expansion of telecommuting, telemedicine, and teleeducation. This means building connections with people who are disconnected. It also means work such as relaxing data caps. And the costs that may keep consumers out of the Internet. Governments and private companies need to address this challenge and take the right actions. It is time to take action. "

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When Ars and FCC Republican Michael O & # 39; Rielly's office declined to comment. We haven't heard from Pai or FCC Republican Brendan Carr.

18 U.S. senators, all members of the Democratic Caucus, letter ISPs are urging them to “suspend the broadband cap and related costs temporarily, or reduce spending for all communities affected by COVID-19,” and coordinate with schools to provide students with free or low-cost broadband.

Cable company Mediacom told Ars that it will "provide 50GB of additional data for all customers across all service tiers by March 31" and will "rediscuss" the topic in April to see if there is a need to expand or change this policy. . '' Mediacom data cap range From 150GB to 6TB per month. Customers will pay $ 10 for each additional 50 GB of data block.

Cox pointed us statement Regarding the preparation of coronaviruses, the upper limit of data has not been abandoned. A company spokesperson told us that we look forward to further updates today or tomorrow. A Cox spokesperson said, "As we consider policy and service changes in the first place, we must first consider students and teleworkers."

Suddenlink owner Altice did not tell us if the data cap would be suspended. An Altice spokesperson said: "We are closely monitoring network usage and are evaluating all our policies and procedures to provide our customers with the best support possible in this unprecedented period."

We are still waiting for a reply from ISPs including Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, HughesNet and Viasat. We will provide updates when we receive carrier information.

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Charter and Verizon do not impose data caps and excess fees on home Internet services. When it comes to mobile services, Verizon and other companies have imposed various restrictions on high-speed data and hotspot usage, Even "infinite" plans.

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