The cryptocurrency market has always been speculative and turbulent, but the recent sharp collapse after a large-scale bull market has caused many people to become extremely cautious when investing in digital assets. At the same time, others have redoubled their efforts and advised people to “buy down” and hold their tokens to get the most benefit. However, a Reddit user has compiled a list since January 2018, showing that only 12 of the top 100 digital assets in 2017 have recovered their levels in history. Users recommend that investors conduct “research” when determining long-term holding rights.

The user identified as “shineyumbreon” listed the name of the digital currency that regained its peak value. The list includes Bitcoin (price in India), Ether (price in India), Binance Coin and Dogecoin (price in India); the last rider is due to Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) ), its value increases.

“For others, not only have they never reached an all-time high, they are not even close. A user wrote on Reddit: “With a few exceptions, every project is at least 60% lower than the level in history. “

Taking his example as an example, he said that he was one of the people “burned to death” in 2017 because he blindly followed someone’s advice and took all his coins. He added that recently, when he saw more and more people telling new investors to “simply this collapse”, he decided to show them “different views on holdings.”

“It’s only valid if you hold the right item. In 2017, if you only one of the first 100 items, you have an 11% chance of buying the right item. It looks like an upcoming bear market.

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The post has been praised by 93% and received more than 100 comments. Most users stated that the cryptocurrency they hold is on the list published by “shineyumbreon”.

“This is a great post. The Hodl strategy only applies to some serious crypto projects,” said a Reddit user named’ellersh7623′.

“I will save this list for the next bull use! This should be fixed at the top of CryptoCurrency.” RamHead04 said.

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