Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal (Arvind Kejriwal) the employment portal on Monday and called on businessmen, industrialists and people to join hands to revitalize Delhi’s economy.

said that the portal will serve as a “Rozga Bazaar” for recruiters and aspiring job seekers, and emphasized that many people are unemployed due to the new coronavirus pandemic and businesses are affected.

He said at the virtual conference: “Some people want to work, and some businessmen, businessmen, professionals, and contractors can’t find suitable candidates.” “The portal integrates them on one platform and will fill this up. blank.”

Kejiwal said that a special order is being issued to allow street vendors to resume work.

According to the Chief Minister, many workers who left Delhi during the blockade have begun to return.

Labor Minister Gopal Rai has said that the job portal will provide services for free and applicants will not have to pay any registration fees to anyone.

expressed his delight at Delhi’s efforts to “control” the coronavirus without returning to other cities and states.

He said that at a time when rates in and the world are rising, Delhi is recording a continuous decline in COVID-19 cases.

The Chief Minister pointed out that Delhi’s recovery rate has risen to 88%, and the positive rate has dropped from 35% in June to the 5%.

He added that compared with June, the death toll was also lower, with COVID-19 patients occupying only 2,850 beds, while 12,500 beds were empty.

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