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of Challenges of digitizing corporate income tax It is Europe’s flagship competition for the expansion of emerging digital scales. Twenty companies will be selected to develop solutions in any of its five subject areas. The finalists will propose their own solutions to win a total prize of 350.000 Euros.

This year’s competition is more intense. Winners in all areas will have the opportunity to receive a prize of 100.000 euros. In addition, five companies will be selected to join the digital accelerator for a period of 12 months (a total prize of 250.000 euros).

Why your DeepTech expansion should be applicable

The EIT Digital Accelerator will support the winners of the EIT Digital with more than 40 business developers and fundraising expert teams. These teams have hubs in 17 European cities and Silicon Valley to support international development, help them ensure that their target customers To raise funds. The accelerator has supported since 2012 300 startups have raised venture capital totaling more than 800 million euros. In addition, your business will receive:

  • Enter international
  • Enter Funding and strategy
  • Enter Connect with more than 200 pan-European innovation partners
  • International popularity

The expansion of the finalists will present their solutions in front of a group of international companies and investors.

Key areas of digital innovation

of EIT Digital Challenge 2020 Emerging scales focused on innovation in five main categories:

  • Digital : Invent the digital future with core technologies that provide secure, powerful, responsive, and intelligent communications and computing.
  • Number city: Serving cities through digital technology, solving urban transportation, citizens ’tolerance and participation, and urban safety issues.
  • Digital industry: Digital transformation of the industry, from production to logistics to retail.
  • Digital health: Protect the health of young , professional professionals, and the elderly by analyzing sensor data.
  • Digital finance: Use technology that allows transparency, efficiency, security, and trust to disrupt digital transactions and institutions.

EIT Digital Challenge 2020 eligibility criteria

If you want to develop solutions in any of the five focus areas and meet the following eligibility criteria at the same time, please apply for the challenge:

Country of Citizenship

  • a member of 27 EU countries or the UK
  • a member of H2020 Associated Countries

growing phase

  • less than 10th anniversarywith
  • One 2019 minimum income of 300,000 euros, Or
  • One As of the submission date, the minimum income in 2020 is 300,000 Euros, Or
  • One Minimum total funds of 2,000,000 Euros Until now.

Built on a successful track record

Since its launch in 2014, the EIT Digital Challenge has received 2,100 applications from 35 countries. After the expansion of 279 scales from 33 countries / regions, the number of participants in 2019 jumped 40% to a record level, which makes the EIT Digital Challenge the flagship DeepTech competition in Europe.

The top 10 European rankings in 2019 are Okuravis, Wonderflow, R3, QuoScient, Mercury, Peer health, scarf, Lorio, Zeroswith Minner Technology.

Ioannis Bizimis, chief financial officer and co-founder QuoScient, shared his experience with EIT Digital: “QuoScient is honored to receive the award from EIT Digital. The momentum of digital transformation is constantly evolving. While creating new opportunities, technology and innovation, risks And threats also increase. We need to jointly defend the European digital economy. Due to our technology, capabilities and experts, QuoScient is an ideal partner. The support of EIT digital accelerator will allow us to grow faster and serve the European economy. Make an important contribution to the Internet security of the Internet. “

Using the EIT Digital Challenge reward package, LORIOT joined EIT Digital Accelerator’s scale growth plan. LORIOT has been active in Eastern and Central Europe, DACH region and Northern Europe, and to use EIT Digital’s support to further expand and prepare for the next round of fundraising in other European countries (such as France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom that have taken major initiatives) . “The EIT digital team has been opening up its network of companies and investors, and has provided us with the opportunity to participate in international scientific and technological activities, which has given us great support. We are confident that we will soon be able to tell some success stories. The most Good is yet to come! “Said Yannik Kopp, head of business development at LORIOT.

Application EIT Digital Challenge 2020 By June 7th, expand your scale internationally!


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