Apply for GROW Mobility by April 17 to test your 8 million customers

By joining Growth liquidity, You can now benefit from Brisa's more than 45 years of experience and provide reliable . GROW is a program for with a mindset and scalable solutions with MVP.

Award-winning startup has access to all Brisa resources

Brisa will work with the most innovative teams to combine startup products or services with startup capabilities and Brisa's resources and market coverage for piloting.

During the trial run, all time needs to be performed on site (Headquarters in Brisa, Portugal), Brisa will support travel and accommodation For all members of the team directly on the project. Other than that Brisa will also support project costs.

To further expand your product and accelerate development, GROW Mobility offers:

  • of Opportunities to work with strong market leaders And pioneer of electronic toll collection
  • Full access to all areas of the Brisa market 8+ million including tax, 1600+ km of road infrastructure and more
  • Connected to New customers and investors
  • A kind Sandbox for field testing
  • Contact someone Extensive mentor network
  • Management insights And access management
  • Exclusive Visit office space on the Brisa campus In Portugal
  • May raise funds in the future

The previous winner, Hepatasense, has conducted pilot tests at Brisa. Computer vision algorithms for Brisa's CCTV and Heptasense were tested to automatically detect events on the highway. The 2019 winner PARKD is currently preparing to launch their pilots with Brisa to test the value proposition that PARKD automatically starts, stops and pays for fleet parking fees.

Road infrastructure, tolls and telematics, new travel

More than 8 million customers, more than 2.600 employees and more than 1.600 kilometers of road infrastructure Makes Brisa a leading European highway company and pioneer of electronic toll systems. The Portuguese company sees innovation as one of its fundamental drivers, putting it at the forefront of technological development.

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Brisa's mission is Provide effective travel for people – Work with innovative startups that have established MVPs. To shape the future of travel, Brisa is looking for innovation in three areas:

  1. Road infrastructure: Improve operations and engineering, including but not limited to big data and analytics, drones to assess and monitor roads, railways, bridges and lighting conditions and / or accidents and GNNS.
  2. Billing and Telematics: Including multimodal transportation (such as ticketing), identification technology (such as license plate recognition), Internet of Things (IoT), big data, etc.
  3. New liquidity: Less highway construction and lower car ownership require new mobility solutions in connectivity (V2I, V2X, connected cars, etc.).

before April 17!

Brisa is headquartered in Portugal, but its technology is also used in the Netherlands with the United States. The team appreciates the suggestions that have been made that clearly show how to test your technology or solution in Brisa's environment. Its three main areas of operation are:

  • Mode of operation: Coordinate resources needed for active traffic management, including assistance to road users.
  • technology: Introduced to players around the world to support innovative and unique technology solutions for mobile intelligent transportation systems (ITS).
  • Mobility Services: Including electronic toll stations and gas stations.

Apply now And take advantage of unique opportunities to work with industry leaders!


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