Apples AirPods with wireless charging case go back down to their lowest price ever

apple Currently not one or two, but three different versions The world’s most popular true wireless earbudsIf you have trouble choosing the right option to suit your needs and preferences, then when you decide to actually pull the trigger, it is best to choose the model with the best discount.

Of course, compared to Bigfoot witnesses, it is often difficult to reach official Store transactions, so bargain-hunters must rely on occasionally authorized third-party retailers (such as Amazon and Best Buy or major US carriers). Generosity Verizon.
At the time of writing, the best markdown option available Wireless charging Amazon’s is $49.02 lower than the usual $199. If the discount itself or the discounted sound familiar, it may be because the e-commerce giant Same sales a few months ago. Yes, if you want to know, the second generation AirPods It has never been cheaper, whether before or after the previous transaction, we are talking here.
Just like in April, we don’t expect popular new promotions to last long, and even though upgraded are unlikely to cost another $199 in the near future, their prices may increase by $160 or $170 now. one day.

If you want to spend less, then the second-generation AirPods with a standard wired are obviously cheaper, $20 less than its suggested retail price of $159. Of course, this is not an amazing discount, and this particular model will occasionally be sold at an additional $10 discount in recent weeks.

Except for the charging case, the two variants are the same, share an Apple H1 chip, hands-free “Hey Siri” support and up to five hours of battery life, you can easily increase its battery life to “more than 24 hours.”

High end can’t say the same AirPods ProThe product uses active noise reduction technology and anti-sweat design, which is 15 dollars cheaper than the normal price of 249 dollars, which is also a mind-blowing deal. Don’t forget AppleCare+ coverage, you can buy it directly from Amazon without affecting your AirPods or AirPods Pro savings in any way.

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