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According to reports, Apple plans to reopen five stores in Beijing on February 14, despite limited time, Pass Reuters. These stores will be the to reopen in China since Apple Close all retail stores Fear of the coronavirus started on February 1.

The company's five Beijing stores-Sanlitun, Apple Mall, Chaoyang Joy City, Wangfujing and Xidan Joy City-will reopen on the 14th from 11am to 6pm instead of the usual 10am to 10pm point. [These time limits will last until at least February 20, According to Apple's website].

So far, only these five Beijing stores have reopened. Apple has not revealed when The company's remaining Chinese stores Will reopen.

Coronavirus — Officially named COVID-19-60,000 confirmed cases and 1,370 confirmed death toll to date. Within weeks of the virus appearing, the World Health Organization announced Global public health emergenciesWith the US State Department Issue travel advisory Just airlines Independent Limited Flights to China. Worries about viruses also See major events like MWC 2020 cancelled In the last few days.

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