Apple on Friday outlined its objections to allowing app developers to link to third-party payment options before a hearing held next month, may decide whether to suspend a series antitrust court orders.

After a long trial by Epic Games, the creator Fortnite, earlier this year, U.S. District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers issued a To a certain extent, it is conducive to the ruling of the iPhone manufacturer and supports its practice of requiring developers to use its in-app payment system, charges commissions.

But Gonzalez Rogers (Gonzalez Rogers) expressed concern about consumers not being able to obtain information about other app payment methods. She ordered Apple to stop banning “buttons, external links, or other calls to action that guide customers to use purchase mechanisms other than Apple’s own payment system.”

Apple must execute the order before December 9, but the company has appealed the ruling and requested that the order be suspended during the appeal period, may take a year or more. A hearing on the request is scheduled for November 9.

Apple said for the first time on Friday that its strongest objection was to allow buttons and links to provide “mechanisms” for external payments. The document made the first suggestion that Apple is less strongly opposed to allowing developers to provide information about other payment methods.

The company stated that links and buttons impaired its ability to require developers to use its in-app payment (IAP), and the court upheld this.

“The restriction on links is inseparable from Apple’s requirement that developers use IAP to purchase digital content-this court has considered this requirement in detail and supports Epic’s challenge,” Apple said.

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Apple raised fewer objections to in-app messages about other payment methods, but said it might want to “restrict its location, format, or content,” and the judge’s current order not allow it to do so without facing further law challenge.

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