Following Netflix’s popular “Squid Game” in South Korea, Apple this month launched its first Korean original drama series to complement its Apple TV+ streaming service launched in South Korea.

“Doctor Brain” is adapted from a Korean webcomic of the same name. It is a six-episode sci-fi thriller about the ruthless neurologist Xu Shiyuan trying to find clues to mysterious family accidents through brain experiments.

With Apple’s entry into South Korea’s original content, the country’s entertainment industry has gained new fame worldwide, from Hallyu superstars such as BTS to the Oscar-winning Korean movie “Parasite” in 2020, and now it has become Netflix. The biggest original series of “Squid Game”.

Director Jin Jiyun said that after the continuous success of this type of Korean content, global audiences began to understand Korean culture through artistic works, and he made extra efforts to translate correctly.

In an interview with Reuters, Kim said: “I hope that Dr. Brain can prove that there are various works in Korea, covering various genres, emotions and materials, just like the previous Korean dramas.”

Leading actor Lee Sun-kyun is familiar to international audiences because of his appearance in “Parasite”. He said that his role as Xu is a who is dragged into an “emotional whirlpool”, and his connection with other people’s thoughts makes him reflect on his own failure.

“This is a very in-depth science fiction mystery thriller, but it is also a drama about how a who lacks emotions happens to receive other people’s emotions due to the side effects of a brain scan,” Li told Reuters.

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Dr. Brain made his debut when Apple TV+ was launched in South Korea on November 4, and other original content provided dubbing or Korean subtitles. Currently, it lags far behind South Korean rival Netflix, has been providing licensed and original Korean content for many years.

When the TV service was launched in South Korea, Apple was one of the US technology giants and faced new regulations in the country that forced them to open app stores to third-party payments.

More and more OTT platforms such as Netflix, Apple TV+ and Disney Plus have become popular during the pandemic era, allowing actors to explore roles they may not be able to play in traditional broadcasters, Li said.

“The COVID-19 era is accompanied by a new era of drama production,” he said.

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