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As part of an ongoing antitrust hearing in the US Congress, documents show that cut its app store commissions from Amazon in half to get Prime apps on iOS and Apple TV devices. According to these emails, Apple agreed to only receive 15% of the revenue from Amazon Prime subscriptions through the app, rather than the 30% revenue charged to all developers. At the hearing, Tim Cook asserted that Apple will “apply the rules equally to all developers.”

Bloomberg reported that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Apple’s senior vice president Eddie Cuy directly negotiated the deal. According to Cue’s email, Apple agreed to reduce revenue from the App Store through the Prime Video app by 15% and stated that it will not receive any income from customers who have registered or subscribed elsewhere before installing Prime through the App Store’s video app.

Amazon Prime Video finally landed on Apple TV

For all other developers, Apple will generally reduce application subscriptions through the platform by 30%, and then after the first year of listing, the revenue reduction will be reduced to 15%. The committee criticized Apple for controlling too much application developers, and the rules and fees did not apply to all developers. Apple has been accused of weakening competition, so it has been accused that not all applications are treated equally in the App Store.

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However, Cook rejected all these allegations and replied: “That is not correct. We treat every developer equally.” However, the document issued by the committee also shows that Apple and Amazon have been between Apple in 2018. A conversation was conducted on the sale of its products on According to reports, Amazon made a profit of $3.2 billion from this transaction, including $1.1 billion from sales.

Earlier this year, when Amazon Prime Video began allowing in-app rentals and purchases on iOS and Apple TV devices, Apple reportedly allowed Amazon to use its own payment method to process payments, which also enabled Altice One and Canal + Able to do it.

Apple said in a statement at the time: “On qualified premium video entertainment apps (such as Prime Video, Atlice One and Canal+), customers can choose to purchase or rent movies and TV payment methods related to their existing video subscriptions. Show. “.

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