People familiar with the matter said that is working to solve the shortage of important chips used to manage the power consumption of models and other devices, which makes it more complicated to meet the holiday needs of the latest version of subtitle .
It is unclear to what extent the bottleneck limits the availability of the iPhone during its key release quarter (usually Apple’s busiest release ). People familiar with the matter said that despite the shortage, suppliers may give priority to Apple and its power-hungry iPhone 12 in Cupertino, California, rather than other customers waiting in line to buy rare parts.

People familiar with the matter said that increased demand for silicon for various products and supply chain disruption caused by COVID-19 are the main reasons for the shortage. Apple’s main chip maker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company said in October that compared with 4G, 5G smartphones require 30% to 40% more chips. This uncertainty and uncertainty during the pandemic is prompting customers to cache components for fear of exhaustion, especially after major smartphone manufacturer Huawei stocks a lot before the US sanctions deadline in September.

Earlier this year, there was still a backlog of problems in the global electronics industry, which can still be restored by rolling locks, because the locks locked transportation routes and cut off factory workers. People familiar with the matter said the outage is expected to continue in the next two quarters.

Considering the additional camera function and 5G function, power management is more important in the iPhone 12 than its predecessor, which increases Apple’s demand for these components. It recently launched four 5G models, and analysts expect strong consumer demand for the device. In a recent conference call with analysts, Apple CEO Tim Cook warned that the supply of iPhone 12, Mac, and certain Apple models is , although he did not specifically mention Power management chip.

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The CEO said that because Apple has only just begun to increase production, iPhone supply problems are “not surprising.” He added: It is “difficult to predict” how long the supply restriction will last. An Apple spokesperson declined to comment.

According to iFixit’s recent dismantling, Apple has multiple power management chip suppliers. The iPhone 12 Pro uses components from Texas Instruments (TI) to control the power of the camera system, as well as similar chips from STMicroelectronics NV and 5G modem chips from Qualcomm.

Apple also designed the power management part in this . In 2018, Apple purchased technology and other assets from Dialog Semiconductor Plc for 60 billion US dollars (approximately Rs 45 billion) to build its own power management chip.

After Apple’s quarterly revenue performance in China was the worst since 2014, whether Apple can stimulate demand for China’s latest products has raised questions, and iPhone production has been disrupted. The most critical market.

In the United States, an inspection of Apple’s website showed that orders for the new iPhone 12 Pro will not be delivered to customers until the end of November or December, while the regular iPhone 12 has no delay. Many iPad models show delivery times between mid-November and the end of the month, while certain Apple Watch models show delivery times in late November.

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