may make a new MacBook Pro model, which will be equipped with a that supports pressure-sensitive Force Touch. This proposal has already been made in a patent issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday. Apple introduced Force Touch technology on the first-generation Apple Watch in September 2014. However, it entered the lineup as a 3D Touch and made its debut on the MacBook series in 2015 with a new trackpad.

As pointed out by the Apple patent, the US Patent and Trademark Office displayed the patent application on its website. The patent suggests upgrading the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro and supporting Force Touch. Obviously, there are new circuits that can detect different levels of force applied to the touch bar.

“Auxiliary display and force-sensing circuits can be encapsulated between two glass layers, which are bonded to each other by a glass frit. In some embodiments, the force-sensing circuit is formed of or part of a glass frit.” Read the abstract of the patent application.

Apple has filed a patent application for introducing Force Touch into the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro
Image source: Patent and Trademark Office

Apple has upgraded the original Force Touch technology in the past, and even transformed the experience into Haptic Touch for the new iPhone. But the purpose of the technology remains the same-a long press on the screen can trigger certain functions.

The newly published patent application was submitted by Apple in May 2019. It is not clear whether this update will apply to all new MacBook Pro models or only specific variants.

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Some recent reports indicate that the redesigned MacBook model will arrive in 2021. However, it is not clear whether any of these models will be equipped with a new Touch Bar with Force Touch. It is also unclear whether the Touch Bar is essentially an OLED strip above the keyboard, used for multitasking, whether it will still be exclusive to the MacBook Pro, or whether it will make its debut on the MacBook Air in the future.

Having said that, Force Touch may help Apple some new use cases for the Touch Bar, which are currently not very effective for many MacBook Pro users.

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