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Apple has released a new guide on what apps can and cannot do in its App Store.

Angela Lang / CNET

Available applications apple Now, as long as the user authorizes, the App Store can send ads and other promotions as push notifications. of Update guideAnnounced on Wednesday, which means that opt-in users will see ads on their Apple devices as well as text messages and breaking news alerts.

Apple also announced on Wednesday that applications classified as "dating" or "fortune telling" will be rejected, "unless they provide a unique, high-quality experience."

Application developers will need to use Apple's official API to collect customer reviews and ratings for their applications. This means they will no longer be able to ask users major questions with custom viewing tips.

Apple Inc. said in its guide: "Use the provided API to prompt users to view your application; this feature customers to provide ratings and reviews from the App Store without leaving the of your application, we will Disable custom review prompts. "

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