We continue Get image And a patent that shows that Apple is constantly working to provide us with a functional new MacBook or MacBook Pro Foldable design In the future. This time, we saw that the company is trying to replace the current hinge mechanism that connects the screen to the computer body and provides us with "a flat hinge assembly that can be applied to MacBook Pro devices."

Apples U.S. Patent No. 10,642,318,description "Personal computing devices include an integrated body with a seamless overall appearance, and include a bendable portion that can have a smooth curved shape. The integrated body includes: a first portion capable carrying a display suitable for presenting visual content; a second portion capable of Carry an device suitable for accepting input actions. "

These new hinges are called new multi-state bending components, and also mentioned Can be applied to smart phone cases or tablet devices. The main idea is to create a one-piece body with a bendable part, but that part must still accommodate the same electronic device that connects the screen to the keyboard. This "adjustable curved structure" will be formed by a stack layers that can transition from an uncompressed state to a compressed state. We just have to wait and see if it is simpler and more reliable than the current hinge in the MacBook Pro.

Resources Apple Insider

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