Apple iPhone production in India shuts down due to dispute with China
The fighting along the - border last month killed 20 Indians, as we told you at the time, Negative impact on iPhone production in India and shipment to India. The Indian authorities blocked the shipment of goods from China to India. This caused ’s components to stand still in Indian ports. A lobbying group in India on behalf of a US company wrote to the country’s Commerce Secretary saying that a moratorium on shipments from China may prevent US companies from doing business in the country.

Foxconn employees in India sit on their hands for almost the entire week

According to ReutersIndia continues to make things difficult and is still blocking China’s exports. Three sources within India told Reuters that as Apple contract manufacturer Foxconn could not receive supplies from its two factories in southern India, hundreds of Foxconn employees had no work to do this week. apple Some iPhone models manufactured in India since OG iPhone SE. Now it manufactures newer mobile phones, such as iPhone XR In India; by producing mobile phones in India, Apple can prevent the country from imposing import taxes on the phones. Reducing the price of these phones is crucial for the average Indian consumer. Although it is the second largest smartphone market in the world, India is still a developing country. To a large extent, Indian consumers need to restrict their mobile phone purchases to low-end models. Saving $100 to $200 by avoiding import taxes is significant for consumers in the market.

It is said that more than 150 shipments of goods, including smartphones and other electronic parts, have been shipped from Chinese factories to Foxconn’s factories in China. These shipments have been stopped at the Chennai port, and some are currently being cleared. The manufacturer’s two factories in India are located in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. In addition to assembling certain Apple iPhone models in the country, the factory also assembled some millet phones. The latter’s value for money pricing is outstanding in India. There are tens of thousands of Indians in the wages of these factories, many of whom live in the residence Foxconn provided them.

A source who discussed the matter with Reuters said: “Foxconn is in a very bad state…many workers are staying in dorms because they have no work.” Meanwhile, the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not respond to Reuters’ request for comment. The two officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did say that the additional inspections of all goods imported into India are only temporary and will end soon. An official in India said: “We cannot always check 100% of shipments. Shipments of affected non-Chinese companies will be cleared first.” Interestingly, the customs prevented these goods without formal orders.

While the supply chain is still affected by coronavirus, delays in India’s imports from China are hitting India. The US and Indian lobbying groups demanded government intervention. Today, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce expressed its hope that India will stop discrimination against Chinese companies as soon as possible. The country recently banned 59 Chinese apps, including the popular short video app TikTok.

As the world’s second largest smartphone market, the border war between the two countries may have a negative impact on some of China’s top smartphone brands in India. Xiaomi’s 30% share of Indian smartphones may not be hurt too much because the brand offers phones at reasonable prices and good specifications. Samsung This may not be the biggest beneficiary of this quarrel, because it is not a Chinese brand, and the Galaxy A model is equipped with a viable camera, and the battery life is long and the price is reasonable. of Samsung Galaxy A10 The price with 2GB memory and 32GB storage is $109.

Currently, as Foxconn employees extend vacation time, the of iPhone models in India has stalled to this .

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