Apple Tim Cook that the subscription package for Apple One (including Apple , Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and iCloud storage) will be launched on Friday, 30. During the quarterly earnings conference call for iPhone manufacturers in the United States on Thursday, local time, Cook said that Apple One will launch “tomorrow” in the United States tomorrow (that is, Friday). Apple services and updates are usually launched in the morning Pacific time, so it is expected that Apple One will be available in India on Friday night. The of Apple One is Rs. 195 / $15 (personal) or Rs per month. 365/$20 per month (for families).

Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and 50GB iCloud storage are provided as part of Apple One personal. If you upgrade to Apple One Family, you will get 200GB of iCloud storage, and as part of Family Sharing, all benefits can be shared with up to six family members. In Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, a third-tier service-Apple One Premier ($30 per month)-also includes Apple News + and the new Apple Fitness + (not yet released), and increases iCloud storage to 2TB.

Individually, subscriptions to all these services add up to a lot. Apple Music is priced at Rs. 49/$5, rupees per month for students. 99/$10 per month, personal and Rs. 149/family (six members) $15 per month. Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade are both priced at Rs. 99 USD / 5 USD per month (including family sharing). The price of iCloud is Rs. 75/$1 per month (50GB), Rs. 219/$3 per month (200GB), or Rs. 749/$10 per month (2TB). Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+ will provide you with $10 per month (including family sharing).

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With Apple One Personal, you can save Rs. 177/$6+, rupees per month. 201 / Apple One Family: USD 8 or more; Apple One Premier: USD 25 or more. Of course, this only works if you sign up for each service included in the subscription package.

In addition to the launch date of the Apple One, Cook also revealed that Apple a September quarterly record in many markets including India, and India launched its own store at the end of September. The two categories of Mac and Apple Services hit a record high in the September quarter.

Apple One will be launched globally on October 30. It was announced at Apple’s mid-September event.