Apple said on Friday that it has followed its decision to prohibit the manufacturer of Fortnite from using the tools needed to update the on its mobile devices.

A few days ago, the US court rejected its bid to restore Fortnite on the App Store, saying that Apple’s expulsion of it was a “self-injury wound”.

The ruling against Epic took place in the struggle between Apple’s strict control of the App Store and whether its 30% revenue cut is considered a monopoly.

In response to an AFP inquiry, Apple said: “We are disappointed that the Epic Games account on the App Store must be terminated.”

After Epic released an update to avoid sharing revenue with manufacturers, Apple withdrew Fortnite from its online mobile app market on August 13.

Apple does not allow users of its popular devices to download apps from any location other than its App Store.

The Silicon Valley- tech giant told Epic that it would cut off access to the tools needed to customize software for devices that provide support for the iPhone manufacturer’s operating system.

This week’s judge’s ruling prevented Apple from also cutting off Epic’s access, prohibiting it from using Unreal Engine’s developer tools to drive on the computer.

Apple said: “As the case progresses, the court recommends that Epic follow the App Store guidelines.”

“Epic declined. Instead, they repeatedly submitted Fortnite updates that were designed to violate App Store guidelines.”

Apple argues that Epic is putting Fortnite players in a budding battle with the company.

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In response to an AFP inquiry, Epic said: “Apple requires Epic to restore Fortnite to only Apple payments.”

“In principle, we will not participate in the program.”

Apple no longer allows Epic to submit applications or updates through a developer account.

Players with earlier versions of Fortnite can play on iPhone or iPad, but they must rely on Apple’s payment system for transactions.

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