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Apex Motors AP-0 Trailer

This can be a crazy thing.

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Hong Kong-based startup Apex Motors is almost ready to share its latest cars with the world. This will be a follow-up to its running super wild tracking machine AP-1 Ford Focus RS power. Unlike AP-1, the new AP-0 concept will be electric.

Not only does it have a zero-emission powertrain, but some fairly advanced technology will benefit racers on the circuit. Apex said on Thursday that AP-0 includes the latest Lidar technology As well as augmented reality displays. The former will generate incredibly detailed 3D maps, just as this technology serves autonomous vehicle prototypes. Here, Apex says, the technology will accurately identify the driver's potential dangers.

As for the AR system, it creates a holographic reality for racers and is equipped with an AR race coach. According to Apex, the coach will help drivers learn on the track through gamification and help them create a more immersive experience. The company is currently silent on more details, but it sounds promising, as long as it doesn't get into the corner because the brakes are too late to yell at me.

When Apex is on-site, will get the complete news of the AP-0 electric car. 2020 Geneva Motor Show In less than two weeks. tuned.

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