Another report claims Samsung Galaxy Note 20 price will surprise pleasantly
The publication claims that the 20 product line will be more affordable than the . Galaxy Note 10 series. standard Launched Galaxy Note 10 The selling price in South Korea is about 1.25 million won ($1,040). Its successor, the Galaxy Note 20, is expected to start at 1.2 million won or 999 dollars.

At the time of launch, the price of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus was 1.5 million won or nearly $1,249. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is expected to be slightly cheaper at 1.45 million won (about $1,207).

has apparently decided to lower the price of the Galaxy Note 20 in order to maintain sales during the pandemic, which has caused serious damage to the company. Galaxy S20 series. And because various mobile phone manufacturers may release flagship products in the second half of the year, Samsung will definitely not want its subtitle products to be at a disadvantage in price.
Of course, reducing 50,000 won or $42 will not bring any change, but it is still a step in the right direction. And the subtle price drop is Better than increase, This is implied by the leaker.

Although the leaked prices are for South Korea, if the purpose is to support demand, we can expect similar price reductions elsewhere.

Can the price of the Galaxy Note 20 be as low as $900?

If you do currency conversion directly, the price of Note 10 in the United States should be $1,040. However, this is not the way OEMs work, but they also consider other factors. The actual price of Note 10 is 949 US dollars, therefore, the price of Galaxy Note 20 may actually be lower than that of the country.

Sounds great, unless you have a reliable source of information, you should be skeptical about this leak.

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