Looking for a new late-night talk show? Gary Whitta is for co-writing stories with Rogue One (A Star Wars Story), and he just launched a story in a game. Last weekend, Whitta and his own late-night talk show Gary Whitta in the life simulation game “ : New ” launched “Animal Dialogue” together. The new episode will premiere on Thursday at 7:30 am (Wednesday, Pacific Standard Time, US Pacific Standard Time) on Twitch, a real-time streaming service owned by Amazon. Then, with the exception of the highlights made for those who can’t spare the time, each segment will be edited and uploaded to YouTube.

In the first episode of “Anime Talking with Gary Whitta” which aired with YouTube on Monday, Whitta admitted that he was broadcasting other late-night TV shows, such as “The Tonight Show.” The Evening Show, The Larry Sanders Show, and The Two Ferns. This can be clearly seen from the virtual scene, which includes a desk, a sofa for guests, and a city landscape wallpaper with a drum set on one side, an independent microphone on the other end, and multiple fake plants. (Thanks to Larry Sanders), spotlights and TV cameras. Video editor Adam Nickerson stands in an animal conversation with Gary Whitta.

Like other late-night shows, Whitta said, the animal dialogue with Gary Whitta will feature celebrities, jokes, themed comedies and music. The first episode of the actor and former game news host Naomi Kyle (Naomi Kyle), when Whitta (Whitta) and Kyle (Kyle) had a conversation on the Twitch live broadcast, his “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” “The character sat on the sofa dutifully. Whitta even interviewed Nixon. Nickel finished the more than an hour-long performance at the premiere, while the end of the film swept across the screen. You know, it’s like in a real performance late at night.

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Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, when all actual late-night shows are forced to be hosted from their respective homes, Whitta is likely to be the first person to start late-night shows in video games within a period of time. This includes everyone from Jimmy Fallon to Stephen Colbert. The late-night variety show “Saturday Night Live” (Saturday Night Live) has been forced to stop broadcasting, and almost all actors can organize sketches remotely.

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is very suitable for Whitta’s new talk show, but there is more than one way. Obviously, it allows Whitta to create the level of customization required by the virtual set. In addition, the new “Animal Crossing” game (launched on 20) is partly due to its global lock-in orders, and people at home are seeking some kind of escape from reality. According to reports, more than 5 million digital copies of “New Horizons” were sold in the first month after its release.