Google is updating Chrome for Android to make it easier for users to manage permissions for each website. In addition to updated site controls, Chrome for Android also improves site isolation to better protect users from malicious . Google also extended Chrome operations by adding new options to make it easier for users to manage privacy and security. In addition, Chrome for iOS has been updated to protect incognito tags through biometric authentication. Users on iOS also get support for taking screenshots of full pages.

Chrome for Android is getting updated site permission controls. You can access these controls by clicking the lock icon on the left side of the Chrome address bar. With these controls, you will be able to customize the permissions granted for each specific site. This is similar to viewing site permissions by clicking the lock icon on Chrome for Windows and macOS.

You can also switch between sharing and not sharing access to your location, camera and other content by clicking the lock button.In the upcoming version, Google also provides an option forget Sites in Chrome browser history. This will allow the browser to reset permissions and clear cookies and site data with a single click.

Google said that its updated website permission control is being rolled out in the Android version of Chrome and will be available to other platforms in an upcoming version. As part of the latest Chrome version (91.0.44472.164) for Android devices, TechnologyShout can independently verify changes.

In addition to the updated permission control, Google also extended the site isolation on its Android version of Chrome with two improvements designed to protect users from more malicious website attacks.

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One of the improvements is around the availability of site isolation, which will be applied to sites where users log in through -party providers, and the other is to bring system-level feature titles to sites with Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy . The site isolation feature enables the browser to process each site separately so that no malicious site can access the data of other sites opened on the device.

Google has also extended Chrome operations to allow you to access browser functions directly from its address bar. There are some new actions that are initially available to desktop users to help you easily manage your privacy and security. To do this, you can type “security check” to automated actions, such as security checks on passwords and scanning for malicious extensions. You can also type “Manage Security Settings” or “Manage Sync” to quickly access related controls.

Chrome has also made fundamental improvements in image processing, making phishing detection 50 times faster and using less battery. In the coming weeks, users of Android and Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome operating systems will get these improvements.

In addition to new privacy and security , Google has also updated the iOS version of Chrome (92.0.4515.90) ​​to add biometric authentication for private browsing.This change allows users to add Touch ID, Face ID, and passwords to the incognito tab set up > privacy > Lock incognito label. It will allow you to protect your incognito tab and make it visible to anyone until you confirm that it is you.

The updated iOS version also provides the option to capture screenshots of the entire web page.You need to find Full page The updated option at the top of the Chrome screenshot editor to capture full web page screenshots.

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Google also brought a new exploration design on the new tab page, making it easier for you to explore your interests. Settings, history and bookmarks have also been visually redesigned. There are also options to share from the tab switcher, add bookmarks, and add individual tabs to your reading list. You need to select and hold any tab in the tab switcher to display a menu containing these options. In addition, the updated iOS version of Chrome brings stability and performance improvements.

You can download the latest iOS version of Chrome from the App Store. The application size is 138.8MB and is compatible with devices running at least iOS 12.2.

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