Analyst says Galaxy Z Flip has so far been the best selling foldable phone of 2020
Display analyst Rose Young Allegedly, the Z is by far the best- device in 2020. It sells for $1,380, which is hardly an affordable price, but it is more palatable than the Fold, which costs $1,980. The flip uses last year’s Snapdragon 855 Plus and cut corners to prevent the price from skyrocketing.
In contrast, Galaxy Fold Is the true flagship, but maybe Initial fiasco Of course, its price hinders its success. Although we don’t know how many units were sold, this number is Well below one million Last year, Samsung reportedly aimed to sell 500,000 devices in 2019.
Instead, almost It seems that 400,000 Galaxy Flip Z devices have been shipped It can be promoted globally only before March. Perhaps this also helps the main screen of the phone to be protected by an ultra-thin glass (UTG) layer, which makes it more durable than the Galaxy Fold which has a colorless polyimide (CPI) film and is more susceptible to damage.
of The successor of the Galaxy Fold, A new report claims to call it Galaxy Z Fold 2, Will also be protected by UTG movies. It is said that the 5G-enabled version of the Galaxy Z Flip is coming soon, and it is expected that it will become Quite an important upgrade On original equipment, this will only further promote sales.
Young also hinted that Samsung will release the Galaxy Z Flip 2 and Z Fold 3 next year, and they will continue to compete for the title of the best-selling foldable device in 2021. I believe cooperation with CorningThe company produces Gorilla Glass on a flexible UTG, and the company is likely to be ready next year. This will make the Galaxy Z Fold 3 much more rugged than Samsung’s current foldable devices and may be strong enough to withstand the S Pen stylus, while the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Will be shipped without it seems.
Later, Apple may release Foldable iPhone It will also have Corning’s UTG layer. It’s hard to comment on Apple’s plan now. According to a report, the company Dual screen will start It may be converted to a flexible display before using a device like Surface Duo.

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