said that on the opening of the Great India Music , iPhone sales for Prime members only exceeded last year’s sales. This feat seems to be the result of Amazon’s massive discount on the iPhone 11 at Rs 47,999. Overall, the company said that the Indian Film Festival as of October 21 is the biggest festival this year. Not surprisingly, the best-selling categories are smartphones, large home appliances and consumer electronics, with sales of Apple, Samsung, OnePlus and Xiaomi reaching record highs. This was a year ago, and despite the early setbacks of e-commerce due to -19, online sales still set records.

The best-selling electronic products are smartphones, laptops, headsets, tablets, cameras and smart watches, and security cameras and drones are hot searches. Asus, Lenovo and HP have always been the best-selling brands of notebook computers. Samsung and Apple in tablet computers, TP Link and Netgear in network products.

iPhone 11, Redmi Note series, Redmi 9A, OnePlus 8T and OnePlus Nord and Samsung M31 have been the best-selling phones. OnePlus 43 inches and 32 inches and Samsung 32 inches are the most popular products in TVs.

Amazon said its sales of Kindle devices were 2.5 times that of last year, and there are still a few days left. Its Fire TV Stick together with Echo (third generation) became one of the top ten products sold on the during the sales period. Sales in the streaming media category are twice as high as last year. The Great India Music Festival also launched 1,100 new products, the most popular of which are OnePlus 8T and Nord, Samsung M31 Prime Edition and Xbox SeriesS.

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Amazon also said that compared with last year, the number of people snapping up premium members has increased by 85%. Alexa conducted field activities at the opening ceremony. The company said that the Alexa device answered 1 million requests on the Amazon website to help customers browse different stores. More than 1,10,000 sellers received orders, and 32% of sellers on Amazon spent their biggest day on e-commerce sites. In addition to English, the Great India Music Festival also five languages ​​(Hindi, , Tyler, Malayalam and Kannada), and its personal password sales volume within the first 48 hours Reached 98.4%.

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