An Amazon spokesperson said that Amazon has warned some merchants selling through its marketplace that the antitrust proposal the US Congress may harm their business.

June this year, the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee approved a piece of legislation that would allow companies such as Amazon to make a decision between operating platforms and competing platforms. The antitrust bill has won bipartisan support, is the most serious challenge Washington faces to the influence large technology companies on the online market.

Recently, Amazon’s public policy project manager expressed these proposals to a merchant via email, “We are worried that they may have a significant negative impact on small and medium-sized businesses selling our stores like you.”

According to e-mails posted online by the e-commerce blog and consultant EcomCrew, the employee then requested a telephone conversation. Amazon confirmed the authenticity of the news.

When asked if the company had asked merchants to help it lobby against the legislation, Amazon said its emails were self-evident. The spokesperson also said that this event reflects the limited interaction with sellers, who regularly communicate on different topics.

Amazon said a previous statement that antitrust legislation will make it more difficult for businesses to earn a and reduce price competition, may harm consumers.

CNBC reported the news of the letter earlier on Wednesday.

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