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According to a report, introduced a new for to stream its subscribers on . This feature allows Prime users to remotely watch TV shows and movies with friends and family, so you can hold a virtual viewing party. It is currently only launched for US users, but over time, it may be launched in more regions. The Amazon Prime viewing party can accommodate up to 100 viewers in a group. This is similar to the Netflix Party extension on Chrome, which allows viewers to watch and chat with movie parties.

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party also has a built-in chat function, which allows groups to have a conversation while watching a movie. This chat feature also supports emoticons. For American Prime Video subscribers, any TV show or movie that supports this feature should display a new Watch Party icon. Clicking on this icon will enable the user to create a viewing room and will generate a custom URL. The URL can be shared with up to 100 people, and they can easily click on the link to enter the “watch party” and start chatting.

Only the host can start, stop, or pause the “Watch Party” session, and these triggers will also be synchronized on all participant devices. This is ideal when someone needs to grab popcorn or just go to the bathroom. Currently, the “Watch Party” function is only supported on the desktop and only used on the main content catalog. This means that even if you subscribe to HBO through an Amazon account, this feature does not apply to HBO content.

There is no news from Amazon in the promotion of Watch Party functions outside the United States. However, the company may bring it to other regions in the future and provide support on more devices. Although the Netflix Party extension has been around for a while, it would be great if the service could also build it within its platform.

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